Your own touch of love ūüíē

Your own touch of love ūüíē

Choose love this Valentines day, and every other day! 

We've been busy in the last couple of weeks creating these stunning personalised shadow box flower frames & standard minimal frames for you!  

Our personalised frames are a thoughtful and beautiful keepsake gift that accompanies your current life and reminds you everyday about your best day ever. Our frames express the moments & memories that matter. 

The shadow box frames feature a stunning designed & has been handmade & completely decorated with real dried flowers. They are gorgeous & have become extremely popular as a sustainable and long-lasting option (they can last up to 5 years).  Each flower and each leaf has a different shape and color and guarantee the product’s authenticity and exclusiveness. 



Sometimes simplest is best, and that's what our Personalised minimal statement frames are! 
We love the minimalist vibe from these unique handmade prints. 



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