How to Plan the perfect Easter Egg Hunt

How to Plan the perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Looking for fun Easter egg hunt ideas? Look no further! We designed our Easter Egg Hunt Kit to add a stylish & fun touch to this beautiful tradition, not to mention our Personalised Fillable Easter Eggs which can be filled with all kinds of sweet treats. Be inspired to host the perfect Easter Egg Hunt with these easy ideas to help you celebrate an unforgettable long weekend with your family. 

What you’ll need:

  • Easter Egg Hunt Kit
  • Easter Gift Bags
  • The Golden Egg Prize
  • Lots of chocolate 

Add Clues

When hiding your eggs, you can use our scavenger hunt clues from the Easter kit to lead the way. This adds a stylish sense of fun to the occasion as well as help kids along the way.

All of the clues have been made to go to generic locations found in every house… such as the kitchen table, bathroom, fridge, & more.

And of course, you can always create your own clues! We've also included some blank clue cards for you to write on.


Set special prizes

Keep things interesting by hiding a couple of special prizes in slightly harder hiding places. Tell your participants beforehand to keep an eye out for these and give little clues as the hunt goes on. 

Our Personalised Fillable Easter Eggs are great to use as 'Special Prizes' as well as the lucky 'Golden Egg'. These are large enough to be filled with all kinds of sweat treats for the kids. You can also include money, toys, stationary, in the fillable eggs to make the egg hunt even more exciting. 


Include special tasks along the way

We've included mini Easter Eggs in the kit filled with tasks inside for participants to carry out. This is a fun, hilarious, and action packed idea that will be sure to get your kids moving & shaking during the Easter Egg Hunt.

How it works?

Include these mini Easter eggs at each clue destination. Kids will have to action each task before proceeding to the next clue.

We've compiled a list of twenty things that will get your kids moving and shaking on Easter! We love the fact that the kids will be laughing, singing and playing their way through an Easter egg hunt!

Keep the Children busy 😉

Easter is a fun time for the little ones! Keep them busy with this fun Easter activity pack. Perfect for after the Easter Egg hunt or if you're hosting an Easter brunch! 

Everything from word searches to colouring in pages, these sheets will keep your little ones busy. 


Get the whole family involved!

The whole family will have fun with this Easter scavenger hunt, and it’s guaranteed to add some joy and excitement to your Easter morning!

Tag us in your stories, share a pic, and let us know how your Easter went!

Lots of love
- Boobear gifts xo

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