Easter thank you! - Recap

Easter thank you! - Recap

2021 - Boobear Gifts first ever Easter! 

A huge thank you to all our amazing customers who supported us this Easter. I hope I was able to help you make it a memorable one for you and your little ones.

Easter 21 was such a fun collection to work on and I enjoyed personalising each & every gift. I'm so grateful for all the positive feedback I received ❤️

My highlights: Selling out of almost all of my Easter stock within the first 2 weeks of release.. Uhm what!? That was crazy!

Note to self: Buy more stock for Easter 22! 😂

The real highlights of Easter though was seeing all of the stories, and posts of our Easter gifts with their new owners. Thanks for sharing the love and tagging us @boobeargifts on IG ❤️

Here's an adorable pic of Kayden & his personalised Easter gifts 🥰 Thanks to his mama @alicia.d90 on IG for sending these in. 

Here's a few cute lil bunnies going on their Easter Egg hunt...

Here's a few bunnies going out to their new home...


 Some Easter Kits & baskets we enjoyed making..

 And a few of many personalised Easter eggs! 😍


Thanks again for all the love and support! We can't wait for Easter 22, and we'll be sure to bring more Easter gifts!

Lots of love,
Lisa (Boobear Gifts founder)

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