Did someone say personalised gift boxes?

Did someone say personalised gift boxes?

I love getting custom orders!

I had the absolutely pleasure to personalised these bridal gift boxes for my amazing friend Linda. Wishing you happiness, love, and joy on your special day.

We went with a minimal and elegant design for the front of the gift box which featured the maid of honor, and bridesmaids names, and then a thank you message on the inside lid of the box. 

Here's how they turned out...



And on that same week, I decided to personalised a gift box for my bestie Roro's (Rochelle) birthday and fill it up with heaps of presents. 

Me and Roro have known each other for about 10 years now. We met during our raving days at either a Slinky or Chemistry (IYKYK) 🤭😅,  and since then we have simply become the best of friends. 

I was so grateful to have her as one of my incredible bridesmaids for my own special day ❤️

 Here's how the Birthday box turned out:



Please note: The bridesmaid's, and birthday personalised gift boxes were custom orders & not available online (unless through inquiry). In saying that, I'm definitely thinking about making this a permanent product in my collection.

Personalised gift boxes for any occasion? These would also be the cutest baby keepsake box too!

If you have any ideas for a custom order you'd love, feel free to email me at hello@boobeargifts.co.nz. 

Lot's of love, 
Lisa (Boobear Founder)

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